"Complex Machines" Lyrics


do you do you do you do you
do you wanna see a part of my body? a portion to study?
and cover all the rest up in sand?
or posted on a billboard in fashion, like a physical action,
or the muscles that retract on command.
is it good to take a picture?  A fixture?
a still representation of light?
when it's the fluid motion intuition that keeps us running in the night?

da da da da da da da da da da…

and then and then and when,
and when I finally heard your heartbeat, your lungs heave,
i thought "my god what a complex machine!
is it within to touch this, to crush this,
when it burns hotter than the core of the sun?"
oh have you ever been so close to someone
that you melted into one?
and when combined realized, it crystallized how much damage could be done?

da da da da da da da da da da…

and you said "kisses like these assassinate presidents,
these are the things that bring down empires.
the buildings downtown won't even stand up to this."
i thought "kid, hey let's repeat history."
time's just a matter of when to take action?
action's just a matter of how strong you been livin'?
you said "kisses like these will shake the foundations."
i thought "kid...
is it good... for a girl... to hear... you're beautiful?"