"Love, Capital L" Lyrics

"don't get to close" you said, "cuz this is gonna burn,"
they say "kids don't play with fire,"
but we're kids we never learn.
and that's how i came to see
how holden caulfield was your prophet,
but the prophesy was self fulfilling and you know it.
and we were so naive.  yea so naive,
we could have turned back and walked away,
you were fucking screaming, and i could not see,
you'd given your best warning.
that the ghosts that you held close had told you
"hear now what we say, the world is gonna push you down,
so push the world away,"
and they said everybody knew you were a firecracker,
but i found out the hard way...
the love we held on to was so caught up in our belief,
that the dreams we had were stronger than the forces of defeat,
but then our dreams they one by one,
were swallowed by the situation,
of aggravated tension, yea, and miscommunication...
though i didn't have a clue... i found out.
i woke up from a dream when i met a generation,
who were terrified of Love,
though convinced that it could save them,
when like all things consecrated it turned out to be a lie,
it couldn't save them from the thing that had grown inside...
i met a generation that had lost their only friends,
to a suicidal culture that had forced them to pretend,
that the fuse that grew inside wasn't ready to ignite,
but kids will play with fire and we lit up the fucking night.
i found out, i found out, i found out the hard way.
i found you were a firecracker.