"Nuclearadio" Lyrics


pour your little heart out on a six string,
and I'll tell you how much it's fucking worth to me.
come on, it's plain to see that these chords come to easy,
they’re as easy to repeat, a photocopied replication.
another song for "our generation."
an imitation of an imitation of an imitation...

my mom asked me "where's the voice in this country,
i said everybody's got one, they're just garbled and clumsy,
reared up to spit back referential newspeak...
in a postmodern fucking paradise.

KC's fear was her broken sprit. and that transmitter in her yard?
she said "it's good for something, I know, but I don't use it."
and "the politics of broadcast?" she said,
"come on!  can't you tell me what the use is?"
i said, the truth is, i do this, mostly out of boredom...

and on and on on on...  i know you won't request this song,
but this one's strictly for the good old boys in the back of the truck,
singing "turn up the radio as long as they don't sing about..."
the cracks in the mortar, they're tearing up the borders,
and they're building us a brand new town.
and i've seen it in the animals in kennels,
they truly represent the alienation that goes all the way down.
and then I hear about the "nuclearaniamercampaign,"
broadcasted vaguely from some passing TV,
“i’ll think this through more clearly”...

and the boys in the back sit and tune through all the static,
and a voice flickers over the air.
and they don't understand the "this is not enough,"
oh no they don't pick up much past:
"turn the radio up, TURN THE RADIO UP!"
when she says "this life is trash," it's not that she's being dramatic,
she's just telling it straight up like it is.
her voice flickers and fades, ah nuclearadio...