"OK Smartypants" Review from Maximum Rock N Roll


This occupies a space somewhere between DELAY and GHOST MICE, maybe more in vibe than in sound.  I'm enjoying the music, with the exception of a couple ska riffs.  It's straight up, well-played pop punk.  Occasionally, the vocal tone or delivery ventures a little too far into a sort of wide-eyed pious fidelity that reminds me a little of evangelical Christians.  Sometimes, it's so catchy I don't mind.  It's relatively easy on the ears, but personally I wouldn't mind hearing a little more of the quirkiness of a MILKY WIMPSHAKE.  This should appeal to people digging the stuff on Plan-it-X like DELAY or DEFIANCE, OHIO, or fans of pop punk like FOR SCIENCE or THE STEINWAYS.  Track four, "Aren't All Songs Political..." is a hit.  This is a solid full-length.  (P$)