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JDStival: "The Greatest Rock and/or Roll Show of All Time"

By 8pm the JDS auditorium was filled with rockers and rollers, young and old alike, all buzzing with excitement. At least that is what I assume happened at 8:00-- I myself arrived late due to a t-shirt related calamity (that is a story for another day)--but the show started soon after I got there. It had become apparent that the extensive advertising done in preparation for this much awaited event had payed off, because the room was filled way beyond regulated fire code capacity. We were all told that we had to be seated before the show could begin, so we grudgingly sat down. But as soon as the illustrious Max Levine Ensemble took the stage for their much anticipated debut performance, everyone was right back in the aisles dancing, creating one big fire hazard.

The Max Levine Ensemble opened with a cover of Propagandhi's "Anti-Manifesto" in response to requests from the audience. They played many other really great punk covers, including "Punk Rock Girls" and "Murder the Government," as well as a few of their own original masterpieces, "Spoonboy's Revenge" and "Pizza Guy." Members of the band have confided that they screwed up a lot during their set, but I can honestly say that the sound system was so lousy that no one could tell the difference. I'd have to say that the highlight of the evening was TMLE's triumphant encore, in which they performed a "Pizza Guy" reprise and the poignant ballad "The Way I Feel" topless.

There were other much more highlightous highlights which followed once SOHCAHTOA took the stage. They opened with a rousing cover of Weezer's "My Name Is Jonas," much to the enjoyment of many of my lighter-brandishing, punk-hating colleagues. They finished with a cover of Mr. Big's delightfully cheezy "To Be With You" and encouraged the audience to join in, even though I was the only one singing along. But no matter.

SOHCAHTOA was followed by some other bands all featuring SOHCAHTOA's Alex Feder. I think they called themselves OCD, and they were actually probably the best act there...funny story about that: After the show, a fan approached TMLE vocalist Alex Mazer and said to him "I liked you guys better than OCD" to which Mazer responded "That's because you're ignorant." I could try to name the songs they played, but I honestly don't remember. After a while, all the bands started to run together into a big blur of Alex Federness-- which is not to say they weren't good. As JDS student Adam Soffrin put it, "When Alex plays that guitar, he makes it his bitch."

There was a brief Alex-free interlude thanks to the acoustic stylings of the beloved Mr. Himmelsbach. I don't remember anything he played, but I can tell you that he didn't play anything by Kansas, much to the dismay of fans continuously requesting to hear "Carry On Wayward Son." The highest highlight of the show came during this set when a crazed fan (who shall remain nameless) threw her bra onstage at the unsuspecting math teacher. The show closed with the celebrated XYZ Affair, featuring none other than Alex Feder. I was not there during their set, but I heard they were pretty good. Don't take my word for it though.

--Ilana (noxzemagirl14@hotmail.com)