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CD Review by Yossi May

Throw that Nelly cd off the shelve because TMLE has just released their de but album. For only 5, no you're not blind, only $5 you can own one of the best pop-punk CDs the DC area has ever produced. Even if you don't like the music, there is a picture of me wearing a summer dress on the cd. That itself is worth like $10. But u only need to pay $5. This cd blends in a creative mix of pop-punk and ska into 11 original songs and 2 covers.

A couple of the songs even send out a positive message about respect and tolerance. My new favorite song is "Fu*$ you, I'm not PC?" This song especially deals with how we should treat others. The cd has such variety from this song to "Spoonboy's revenge" which is just a bunch of sayings that David Combs and Sammy K (say name out loud) that don't make any sense as a whole.

Each member brings something great to the band which makes it a collective success. David Combs organizes it all together and makes sure that things get done. He impresses us with his incredible guitar skills and passionate voice. Alex Mazer brings harmony to the sound and adds a few things here and there which make TMLE very different from every other pop-punk band. Bepstein shows us that even when surrounded by people who think differently from you, you can still be an individual and stick to your morals. I thank you personally John D. What impresses me most about Bepstein is the first local punk/ska concert he ever went to was one he was performing in. Adam Soffrin, while he's not at camp, bbyo, or has anything else to do, gives the songs an incredible beat. (he played wipe out on the bass part of his drum by bending over the drum set and playing almost upside-down.) And who can forget Rejy. Without him standing on the side of the stage, it would surely tip over.

In a recent interview, Max Levine, frontman extraordinaire said, "I have brain-washed the members of this band into worshiping me and playing my music and I will brainwash you with these songs." This cd will make you want to jump up, run outside, grab a donut from a cop and yell CHACH RULES!!! That is a guarantee. So buy the cd or Ari "the wrecking ball/bicentennial man" Jacobovits and Evan "the hulk" Rosenberg will personally dismember your body and eat you. And remember, don't trust anyone over 30.
-Yossi May

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