pablo pinkpants

“hold it right there!” yelled the deputy,
in his big chrome boots as he clenched his teeth. well...
did you know it’s not my fault,
this all happened just because
pablo pinkpants just won’t dance.

nearly twelve of us
just playing miniature golf when
he came on through the door
looking to fight or score, yeah
and i don’t really know just what he had in mind but
in his true macho style
he was way too tough to smile.

“you’re a bunch of fags!” yelled pablo p.
“now don’t you wanna fight, don’t you wanna fight me?” well...
we could bash him with our golf clubs,
but what would that all solve?
so pablo pinkpants, won’t you dance?

did you know it’s not my fault? badadadadadada
this all happened just because BADADADADADADA
take a kid like that and what do you get?
he’s just insecure and you can bet
that in the end he was all wet.