"Aren't All Songs Political?" Lyrics


i saw you hanging around the corner,
i think you wrote something about it,
it was a metaphor.
it was something about an ice cream shop.
you remembered how your friends said you knew how to have fun,
so you went to their party,
and watched them all get drunk.
you went dancing at a show,
and you stayed out pretty late,
and you wrote a song about it,
and someone put it on a mix tape.
what they didn’t know was how hard you could take it,
your heart slowly eroded before you let them break it.

and the part of me that gets sad saw you,
feeling alone and was confused.
how you knew that you were loved,
but couldn’t find someone to love you.

you spent a week in california, and they said it made a difference.
your friend came down from boston, just to see you off.
and that's what he said, and it was partially true.
he said, "would you write me a letter,"
you said, "that's the one thing that I can't do."  (do do do do)
and i would love to get to know you.  everybody seems to miss you.