"Franny and Hooey" Lyrics


franny came home tonight,
on a train ride to the comforts of a former home,
to try and take a break, find out what went "wrong."
well it's a con and it's that thing called "america,"
it's that cold, cruel academic drone,
it's how they've got you trying to find what is you're searching for...

if you'd take my advice, don't be the one that's fooled.
it's not a competent world.
say can't you see how they've got you spun around and around.
but it's not a competent world.  don't be the one that's fooled.
it's your right not to belong.  your badge of honor.
franny came home.  franny came home.

franny came home tonight,
and I think you ought to think on coming on back too
because you, you know that you were always one of the smarter ones,
they took you off and stuck you to the side
where they could teach you convoluted explanations why,
till they convinced you what they got was what it was you were searching for.
(but it wasn't.)