"Small Talk" Lyrics


my how things get stranger
these inherited behaviors
i couldn't say where we got 'em.
and i am as much a product as the remainder
of all the advice of the strangers
that i never wanted.

as concerned as we were when we learned
how things could turn around
i think we preferred the words we heard about
to the ones we're exposed to
though i have heard some things about a million times
i still find not a lot to respond to...

so we don't talk
though it seems to be
the one true cure for the disease
that tears relationships apart
though you'll say something like
"how's it going"
watch me cringe
i never want to hear those words again

and when i said "shut up,"
i just couldn't stand
to talk through the white noise again
when you had no idea how much
it burns me to hear you say
"hey how are you"
what's that mean?
oh sad silent human beings,
your immortal trait,
your most tragic flaw.