"You're Bitter" Lyrics


i know you're bitter,
well are you worse off for those bleeding open eyes?
that see how sour of a place this can be,
well hush now don't you try to say you're sorry,
could i blame you for it? you've earned it.  it's your right.
i know you're bitter.

nobody tells you how dangerous it is
to believe that a world this fucked up,
could co-exist with the naiveté they got you holding on to.
but they'll tell you that you're crazy.  and they got phds.
now now now come on sucker, who you gonna believe?
if you're not dulled yet by addiction, yours will be prescribed.
i know you're bitter.

we get overwhelmed.
just like everybody fucking else does.
too confused, go ahead you lose,
when you've deconstructed "everything..."
to find it blackened in the center.

i know you're bitter.