the past, the present, and the future

thanks so much to everyone who came to our party on saturday!  it was wilder than our wilder expectations.  all the bands were amazing, and it was particularly awesome to see so many old friends in the same place... so yeah.  thank you.

now on to the present! in case you're bored or need something to look forward to, i'd like to offer you the official trailer to the upcoming documentary BUTT CHEESE AMERICA: THE BEPSTEIN DOCUMENTARY by bepstein's roommate rose blossom.  it should be out this summer!

what does the future hold?  we're playing a show in dc with chewing on tinfoil from ireland on january 25th.  and both spoonboy and the bepstein show will be making appearances at an upcoming dc acoustic house show on february 17th with paul baribeau and the boy who could fly.  so look out for all that!

also, our new/old record "mr gikokovich" is out now on plan-it-x records and no breaks records if you're interested.