DIY PUNK & WILSON CENTER: 30 YEARS OF COMMUNITY, ARTS, & PROTEST (1pm-10pm, Saturday, April 30, 2011)


Often history is made  in the unexpected places; the humble hole in the wall that provides space at the right moment for creation to flourish.  The basement of the former Central Presbyterian Church at 15th & Irving Streets NW -- long known as the Wilson Center -- is one such location.  Among other things, it provided a haven for members of the now globally-influential DC punk underground to hold shows and build community, and inaugurated a broader tradition of DIY shows held in community hall spaces.
This era began on April 4, 1981 with a 13 band bill organized by HR of Bad Brains, and also featuring Minor Threat, Scream, Void, SOA, among many more.  The Wilson Center served in this way for more than 20 years, and was a venue for many successive generations of kids to develop their talents and discover their voice and vision.
In honor of this legacy -- and to continue it -- punk activist group Positive Force DC (now based at nearby St. Stephen's Church) has organized a 30th Anniversary celebration,  April 30, 2011 at the former Wilson Center, now operating as the Capital City Public Charter School.
PF aims to both celebrate DC's DIY punk history and build on it through an exhibition of photographs, posters, and videos of past Wilson Center shows, as well as speakers, and, of course, music, all of which would help to raise funds, gather food donations, and recruit volunteers to assist the Capital City Public Charter School and neighborhood non-profits We Are Family and Hermano Pedro, serving seniors and the homeless, respectively.
The evening benefit show beginning at 7pm will include Max Levine Ensemble, Birds & Wires, War On Women, and Regents (all-ages, sliding scale admission $5-10, with food donations encouraged); at 5pm, Ian MacKaye will speak and answer questions on "Playing Underground: The Importance of Community Hall Spaces."  (A full schedule of the day's events will be available shortly.)
This event is not meant to be about nostalgia, but about celebrating and continuing a crucial local tradition of creativity, community-building, and empowerment. Please join us!
More info, Mark A 202-277-2715