step one, step one is start hating your body
step two, fills you up, yeah both inside and out.
step three, step three is that familiar question
that plants in you seeds for a lifetime of doubt.
step four is the answer, step five it gets worse,
it slowly eats up your whole sense of self worth.
step six you become what the magazines taught you,
though you know that you can't, well you want to.

in the following steps, fill the void with consumption.
modern commodities keep you alive,
steps eight, nine, and ten, you will go to bed hungry.
eleven and twelve, you might barely survive
step thirteen, what luck, you are stuck in this shell,
if you even try to find love for yourself,
there will be someone waiting to push back down on you.
you will buckle, it's a shame, now they got you.

we call for a new demonstration.
no calm till the last of us weighs in.
no calm it's already out there.
we call (it) psychological warfare.

step one to stop hating your body
is a rag in a bottle, a match and some fuel.
step two is take aim at the core of the industry,
making their cash playing head games with you.
step three, affirmation. step four is revenge.
step five is a healthy relation to sex.
step six, is forget all the shit that they taught you.
you might think that you can't, but you ought to.