Ben Weasel Thinks We Suck

i hope you fall on some bad luck,
if the path you take leads up and up,
yet you take such pride in mediocrity.
the nail that sticks up gets hammered down,
take the squeaky wheel and throw it out.
you've got a square peg and a round hole?
take that square peg and shave that sucker down!
and from your armchair, you discover
what it's like to lord over each other,
to strip this life from all meaning:
just a series of images repeat...
a thousand eyes glued to a tv.
one thousand pundids know more about me than me.
hey! i concede... you got it.

i'd put up a fight, but i'm tuckered out.
i've played the squeaky wheel for a while now.
through all of this struggle, i said i'd stand behind it.
but these days i'm feeling too tired to give a shit.
so to fall back - is this freedom?
i always thought i'd go kicking and screaming...
but now the time's come - maybe i should!
i'm getting out while the getting is still good.
to all my friends: please don't forget me,
though i know i never made it on tv...
we gave it a shot, but now we're FREE!

i always thought my calling was crunching numbers.
- you work for a sports team...
- i'll start a radio show!
we'll show this world how far we can go.
because everybody knows there's nothing more to life
than shit jobs and rock and roll... wait!
did i forget sports?
there's also... sports.