Lucky Ones

this indignation, i've never felt more entitled to spit in your face than now.
even i gave you more credit.  you weren't ever worth the benefit of the doubt.
if you're not painfully dense, you're willfully blind, and i don't know what's worse.
have you ever looked inside or are you just too big for that?

i read a story in the paper about how it's people like you who've been draining my life away.
news flash on the driver's side airbag - the passenger will twice as likely be blown away.
i thought of you with your foot on the gas, you were drunk off your ass,
now you've gone and crashed and burned

so you had all the fun. you were the lucky ones. 
and after all you've done, you think i'd believe you?
heir to the throne, you thought this world was yours to take,
but now i'm dedicated to making you think twice.

unfulfilled promises, you're selling a dream that only pays out to you.
this pathological game plan, when shit hits the fan, your eye's on the escape route.
oops!  there's politicians in your pocket, sold on collective suspension of disbelief,
shake me down for my lunch money buddy, it's my fault i just couldn't compete with you.

all tied up in the passenger side of a car you were driving, you were making your getaway.
when you flipped and flew over the cliff, i thought "who let you in the driver's seat anyway?"
if i pull myself out from this wreckage, i know right where i'm headed, i'll send you a message.
(and a brick through your window's just the easiest way to say "you were the lucky ones...")

oh, what's that you say?  you're just a victim of circumstance?
oh, haha.  i guess i'll just laugh it off.