This is Rome, and We Are...

here we are, who's payed attention?  the pop culture politics, the buzzwords of recession.
i wanna know, wanna know, do you believe them?
i heard there was something on the streets in rekjavic and riga and in athens and nairobi,
that i didn't see here.  well what should i expect? 
the self obsessed, we are the ones content with the wool pulled over our eyes.
and we're wondering why we can't tell the smoke from the sky.

so it passed, that fair-weather activists and armchair revolutions were proved irrelevant.
what we didn't grasp: the closeness, the permanence, the failure.
and all in all it was so typically american. 
we sat out global revolt and watched the video on the internet.
the feedback, the images, obscured and second hand...
they're the wool pulled over our eyes.

this house of cards is getting close the wind.
blissfully impotent, so long as you pretend.
it's a pitiful place until you understand this is rome and we are romans.