leopard print girl

i knew a girl in a leopard print skirt,
who would nervously smile in a distant fashion,
she's out of touch so no one gets hurt,
yea that little leopard print skirt girl,
preoccupied, there's something else on her mind,
cuz there's always a catch with a new attraction,
last time we met she wasn't 17 yet,
but she'd seen her fill of action.

you know that girl in the leopard print skirt,
and she'll stand, and you'll look, and you'll get that feeling,
just wanna touch, you don't care who gets hurt,
no not that little leopard print skirt girl,
premature, with her skirt on the floor,
she was ahead of her time, in the worst way possible,
a hundred to one, she was a girl on the run,
and i'd seen it in the way she'd walk yea,

this is for the kids with low self esteem,
no matter how confident they might seem,
this is for the kids who waste their youth,
just trying so hard to be cool,
this is for the boys she never met,
but got to know while having sex,
this is for years lost, and abrasive hearts.