take me back to the parking lot, i understand that it don’t mean a lot,
we’re fucking awkward and i love it.
and it’s not political, there’s still three men in a prison cell,
and i’m just doing what i can.

karma makes for vicious cycles,and i, i don’t believe in revenge,
my bike was stolen about a week ago.
it makes for a funny feeling, i try not to own anything worth stealing.
there’s a lesson in there somewhere i know.

so we fall back on what’s the wisdom of the age,
to sit and rot away inside a cage, is the safest call.
all I ask is there anything more outside this frame,
is there any room for change to be changed at all?

so we sang “SMASH THE STATE!” for a couple of hours,
til we got dragged down by the superpowers,
and i don’t know if it’s right, but it’s better than nihilism.
and then benjy said “leave me out of that crap,
i put too much in and i got nothing back.”
and i know that he’s right, but what’s left, nihilism?

it didn’t stop raining for the month of june.
you know I wouldn’t mind being stuck in the rain with you.
i don’t know if i believe in love, but it’s better than nihilism.