fuck you i'm not pc?

i don't understand why a girl defines herself by a man,
and i don't think that you believe something so self depreciating.
and i can't help but blame society, when they say that you should try to see,
from the male point of view, well what's it mean to you?

and anti feminist chic? you know i don't buy into that shit,
you say you don't wanna be cliché, but the housewife role's been played,
and you excuse low self esteem, with that sexist male routine,
and say, "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, i'm not pc."

i don't think it's ok to say that something bad is gay,
to imply there's something's wrong with that sexuality,
and I don't think it's funny when you joke about race or sex or money,
so determind to offend, and you defend it when you say...

"fuck you I'm not PC," well is that all that you can see?
if it's down to black and white, then i'll do what i think's right,
and if caring about my friends, is just conforming to a trend,
well then fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, i'm not pc.