dc he drinks from the toilet. he's got a plan now, no one can spoil it.
he's been granted his three wishes. don't wanna do the dirty dishes. 
cuz you know they speak in riddles, can't understand now it's far to brittle.
and i'd plead the 5th for a paid vacation, when the deal is on the table there's no time for provocation

and yeah, it's coming around and it's going down, 
when it's not about what you condone, but what you're not being shown.  

chuck taylor, voice of a nation, he's been dubbed an overnight sensation.
they put his face on the dollar bill and went out for another icon to kill.
because buying vinyl is not a revolution.
it's just a dime for the same old institution of what you see is what you want, 
when all you own is all you bought.

and you can't buy in if you can't relate, you trade your voice for the money.
(it's the money that you hate.)
and if you don't play along then you can go to hell,
cuz if you don't have the cash you'll be fairing just as well.