tidal wave

i wake up screaming and i'm hardly breathing,
and i can't believe it, the things that i'm dreaming.
the way that they're talking, tho it isn't shocking,
no, what hurts most of all is that i can't stop it.
and you can't deny that there's something wrong
when i was born into a world with an atom bomb.
and i can't believe that even in my dreams,
i'd be feeling it end.

there's a great big tidal wave
and you can tell who you want, but you're not gonna be saved.
and i can't believe this is happening for real.

colder and colder, your head on my shoulder,
should i do what i'm told? just wanna live till i'm older,
hands in my pocket, and a head like a rocket,
should i do what i'm told, or should i just fuck it?
and i can't believe they'd create a device
to make it easier to take other people's lives,
and i can't believe it'd even cross their minds,
it never crossed my mind, it never crossed my mind.

with no regard for human life,
it's our principals that we sacrifice,
and when it's "us vs. them" when will you realize,
that everyday it's getting colder and colder.

and if you can say that you can fight to win,
well then you're wrong again, well then you're wrong again.
and if you can say that there's a means to an end,
Well then you're wrong again, that's just where it begins.
i've got my mind set on not dying,
it's getting cold, but i'm still trying.
if i do what i'm told, well then i'd be lying,
and i can't pretend.