the craftiness of miss oh here we go again

pick me up from the crash, you’ll find me laying on my ass,
and you’ll say to me: “weren’t you the one who knew it all?”
“that was a long, long time ago,” but you never bothered to ask..

take me out for a whirl, you were a virus of a girl,
and you said to me: “speak me no words of love, it’s something you know nothing of,”
well i don’t, but who does?

it takes me back to a walk in the dark on a cold night,
don’t let the calm be deceiving,
introduced to a man, to a boy, who could once been a friend,
but sees me as a means to survival,
in a blink i’m there thinking on the fate that awaits,
those who are punished in the end,
not as much for their acts, but their culture of class,
so come on tell me, what am i supposed to do
as i lay screaming, broken and bleeding in the snow?
just another mark on the list of things that i don’t know.

so you’ll keep on sitting and say how you know nothing’s new.
but i remember talking on the phone to you and we each knew nothing better.

and i said “do you take time for something new in your life?”
and you said “i don’t, but who does?”