DC Net Neutrality Benefit this Saturday!

we're playing thee lexington arrows 10th anniversary!

our next show! december 20th at the sidebar in baltimore for our friends thee lexington arrows 10th anniversary! buds since ancient times!


It's summer 2011. Last year was Maximum Summer. Will this year live up to the same standards? Will Bepstein write a song a day for 30 days? Watch Benjamin Epstein eat pizza, ice cream, and wage war on growing up.

big news!! MAXIMUM SUMMER: THE BEPSTEIN DOCUMENTARY is finally up online!  it features everything you ever did or didn't want to know about the max levine ensemble's bass player, benjamin epstein, as well as a lot of old footage of the max levine ensemble. check it out, share, etc! 

film by rose haag.

cooooool show!!

hey dc! let's hang out!

staycation highlights! new LP in the works!

hey, we'll be recording a new full length at the end of this month so we recently locked ourselves in a warehouse for a week to record demos.  naturally bepstein brought a camera.  here’s a little montage of our experiences, including some of the weird games we made up.  enjoy!


WHAT’S THIS?? a NEW max levine ensemble music video for “ghost song” straight out of the brilliant mind of ben levin?? in the spirit of halloween and a bullshit government shutdown, enjoy!

for more on the video from ben levin check out:

upcoming shows w/ RVIVR, peeple watchin', boilerman, the ambulars, foozle, etc., etc., etc.!!!

hey we’ve got a few shows coming up in the maryland with all these fucking great bands!!  check it out!


19 - BALTIMORE, MD - 10pm @ Golden West (1105 W. 36th St.) w/ RVIVR, The Ambulars, Foozle (fb)

21 - FREDERICK, MD - 6pm @ Cafe 611 (611 North Market St.) w/ RVIVR, Peeple Watchin’, Lilac Daze, Alexis Hott (fb)

22 - COLLEGE PARK, MD - 7pm @ UMD Food Coop (B0203 Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland) w/ Peeple Watchin’, Boiler Man (fb)

we aren't playing the black cat 20th anniversary party. :(

due to unforeseen circumstances, the max levine ensemble is not playing the black cat's 20th anniversary party tonight.  :(  in our place there will be a full band spoonboy set.  sorry to anyone who bought tickets hoping to see us.  we'll make it up to you, i promise.

7/21: DC Show w/ Collapse, Forty Whacks!

7pm | $5

THE MAX LEVINE ENSEMBLE (old dc pop punk)
COLLAPSE (detroit punk)
FORTY WHACKS (new dc pop punk)

1223 Decatur St. NW DC