noooooo breaks

heya, we're still working on this website, but i wanted to relay a quick message from traffic street records re: NO BREAKS RECORDS, the label that put out our OK SMARTYPANTS LP:

"Long story short, Stewart over at No Breaks Records shipped a box with $1,200.00 worth of records in it and it fucking disappeared. He's been trying for the last couple of months to get his money back from the US Postal Service (he had purchased $1,200.00 worth of insurance on the shipment) but as anyone that's had to file a claim in the past knows, USPS will put you through hoop after hoop, and basically do whatever it takes to weasel out of actually paying out on an insurance claim, delaying shit for years until you realize that the money's never coming and just give up.

Through No Breaks, Stewart's released a shit ton of great records from bands like Full of Fancy, The Max Levine Ensemble, New Creases, The Guts, Sass Dragons, The Prozacs, and lots more. He's also got a huge distro with great prices on tons of awesome records AND just so happens to be one of the nicest dudes I know.

The loss of that $1,200.00 was almost enough to kill No Breaks, but Stewart's been working like a mad man and pulling his shit together and it looks like he might be able to pull through and keep on. He's got a few awesome releases on his schedule (including Full of Fancy's "Liquid Nature" on vinyl!) and I'm sure he can use whatever support he can get right now.

POINT BEING... if you feel like buying some records, go buy them from No Breaks! Great records, fair prices, fast shipping -what more could you ask for?"


god damned internet

it seems our website fell apart, but luckily we were able to get this new theme up pretty quickly.  it's still a work in progress, so things might be sort-of breaky in the interim. in the meantime we'll be laying pretty low the next couple of months, but we've got a UK tour coming up in october so if that's where you live, oh shit, we're coming to getcha. beyond that if i may refer you to the sha sha column on your right, it should offer you whatever else you need.


--- yo, man.  there's no way of telling what can happen in the future.  there's no way i could post a new "band news" blog, because what is "news?"  it's subjective.  is it just what's new?  we're not playing a whole lot of shows soon.  that's kind of new.  or is it something that may not necessarily have been unpredicted but is worthy of mentioning?  i don't know.  like i said it's subjective.  the things that are most important are the things that you experience.  if you experience suffering it may seem relevant to you to try and stop the suffering of other people out of empathy.  in which case you may need to rely on the "news" to find out who's been suffering.  but who controls the information???  in this case, referring to the max levine ensemble's "news," i do.  but tough luck friends, you're not getting diddly squat. maybe next week.