--- yo, man.  there's no way of telling what can happen in the future.  there's no way i could post a new "band news" blog, because what is "news?"  it's subjective.  is it just what's new?  we're not playing a whole lot of shows soon.  that's kind of new.  or is it something that may not necessarily have been unpredicted but is worthy of mentioning?  i don't know.  like i said it's subjective.  the things that are most important are the things that you experience.  if you experience suffering it may seem relevant to you to try and stop the suffering of other people out of empathy.  in which case you may need to rely on the "news" to find out who's been suffering.  but who controls the information???  in this case, referring to the max levine ensemble's "news," i do.  but tough luck friends, you're not getting diddly squat. maybe next week.