hey we're doing a big old winter tour.  yes we are.  yes yes.  if you’ve got any questions or suggestions, e-mail thespoonboy@riseup.net

all shows are all ages:


1 - ST. MARY'S COLLEGE, MD @ the Daily Grind
2 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Tommy's Tavern (1041 Manhattan Ave.)
3 - BOSTON, MA @ The Democracy Center (45 Mt. Auburn St.)
4 - PHILADELPHIA, PA @ The Banana Stand (e-mail deadindustrybooking@gmail.com for address)
9 - WASHINGTON, DC @ St Steven's Church (1525 Newton Street NW) w/ Harry and the Potters
10 - COLUMBUS, OH @ Skylab (57 E Gay St) w/ Traveling
11 - KENT, OH @ The Stone Tavern (110 E Main St. w/ Traveling
12 - CINCINATTI, OH @ Planet Kickflip (2844 Spring Grove Ave) w/ Traveling
13 - LOUISVILLE, KY @ Chestnut House (714 E. Chestnut St) w/ Traveling
14 - BLOOMINGTON, IN @ Russian Recordings (1021 South Walnut St) w/ Traveling, High Dive
15 - MILWAUKEE, WI @ CCC (732 E Clarke St) w/ High Dive
16 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ The Minnehaha Free Space (3458 Minnehaha Ave) w/ High Dive
17 - CHICAGO, IL @ The Juicer (1238 N. Noble) w/ High Dive
18 - GRAND RAPIDS, MI @ The DAAC (115 S. Division) w/ High Dive
19 - DETROIT, MI @ Trumbullplex (4210 Trumbull) w/ High Dive
20 - PITTSBURGH, PA @ The Shop (4314 Main St.)
26 - RICHMOND, VA @ Strange Matter (929 West Grace Street)  w/ Delay
27 - GREENVILLE, SC @ The Villa (5 3rd ave.) w/ Delay
28 - ATHENS, GA @  Go Bar (195 Prince Avenue) w/ Delay
29 - BIRMINGHAM, AL @ the Firehouse (412 41st street south) w/ Delay
30 - CHATTANOOGA, TN @ Sluggo's (501 Cherokee Boulevard) w/ Delay
31 - ATLANTA, GA @ Wonderroot (982 Memorial Drive)


1 - GAINESVILLE, FL @ 1982 (919 W University Ave.)
2 - DELAND, FL @ the Junkyard Saloon (5115 U.S. 17)
3 - NAPLES, FL @ Squarehead (1895 Seward Ave #1)
4 - TAMPA, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery (4215 East Columbus Drive)
5 - TALLAHASSEE, FL @ Shark Tank (1651 Sharkey St.)
6 - NEW ORLEANS, LA @ The Big Top (1638 Clio St.)
7 - SAN ANTONIO, TX @ 315 Baltimore house
8 - FT. WORTH, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
@ 924 Gilman St. w/ Street Eaters
14 - OAKLAND, CA - 3:30pm @ Mosswood Park
15 - SAN DIEGO, CA @ Che Cafe (9500 Gilman Drive)
16 - POMONA, CA @ VLHS w/ Joyce Manor
17 - RIVERSIDE, CA @ Blood Orange Infoshop (3485 University Ave)
18 - GOLETA, CA @ Biko Garage (6612 Sueno Rd.)
19 - SAN JOSE, CA @ Hijinx Women's Co-op
20 - PORTLAND, OR @ Backspace (115 NW 5th) w/ Rvivr
21 - OLYMPIA, WA @ Capitol Theater Backstage w/ Rvivr
22 - SEATTLE, WA @ Fusion Cafe (909 Fourth Avenue) w/ Rvivr


@ The Mitten w/ Traveling
8 - BALTIMORE, MD @ The Bellfoundry (1539 N. Calvert St) w/ Traveling
9 - WASHINGTON, DC @ The Black Cat (1811 14th St. NW) w/ Traveling



Monday, December 5th

w/ musical guest The Bepstein Show!!

8pm @ The Black Cat
1811 14th St. NW DC

"Maximum Summer is the real life Peter Pan story of a man who refused to give up the passions of his youth. Benjamin Epstein (Bepstein) is everything we forgot to be when we grew up. All the things we tried to hold on to, but let slip away as life berated us with new responsibilities and priorities. There is an element of purity in his philosophy; he's just having fun, how many of us can put our anxieties on pause long enough to genuinely enjoy something?"


Now accepting donations...

so we've finally entered the future and set up a paypal account, so if you wanna donate to the band you are welcome to do it through our bandcamp page!  we have it set up at "name your own price" but you're still welcomed and encouraged to download any of our music for free.  it's all available at our discography page.  enjoy!


HEY.  just finally got around to uploading our last two releases "MR. GIKOKOVICH 2000-2005: A RETROSPECTIVE" and "THEM STEADILY DEPRESSING LOW DOWN MIND MESSING POST MODERN RECESSION BLUES."  now you can download them for FREE on our discography page or over at our bandcamp site.  enjoy!

Essay on sexism in the punk scene on Punknews.org

Hey I just got back from tour. A few weeks ago I wrote an essay on sexism in the punk scene for punknews.org , sorry to just post it now! You can read it at punknews or click "read more" below.

NEW SPOONBOY RECORD "The Papas" - available for preorder NOW!!

My new LP "the Papas" is available for pre-order now! It will come with a zine and a download link! Check it out from:


Sexism in Punk...

Hey just wanted to throw a quick plug at the I Live Sweat series focusing on sexism in the punk scene.  So far, they've run personal essays from Lauren Denitzio of the Measure [sa] and Mariel Loveland of Candy Hearts.  Lauren also did a great interview on Punk Rock Pravada that's worth reading as well.  Over at out.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it to Stay Sweet Fest this weekend.

Due to an emergency medical situation, we have to cancel.  You should still go though, there are a ton of great bands playing.  We'll be playing Best Friends Day in Richmond, VA in August, so RVA punx, you can catch us then... Sorry about all this.

New Spoonboy Record - "The Papas" - Out May 1st!

Hey everyone, I (Spoonboy) am putting out a new solo record, that I'm pretty stoked about. It's gonna be a collaboration between Fuck You is a Seven Letter Word Records, Plan-it-X Records, Discount Horse Records, and Shout Out Loud Prints, and it's coming out on vinyl, cd and cassette tape!!  The record in any format will come with a zine with lyrics, stories, essays, and the like. You can check out the cover art, an mp3, and the track listing below: 

2. All the Kids In Michigan 
3. Not Coming Home 
4. Stab Yer Dad 
5. Do You Need a Messiah 
6. Gerald Lee Palmer 
7. Hegemonic Blowfish 
8. Sexy Dreams 
9. Peanuts 
10. Carol Rhodes 
11. All One or None 
12. The Mamas and the Papas 
13. I am a Dog 
14. My Antonia 

I recorded the record in April 2010 in Athens, GA with a backing band consisting of members of Nana Grizol, Hot New Mexicans, Grape Soda, Madeline, Elf Power, Defiance Ohio, ETC! The CD, tape and download will also come with some lo-fi acoustic recordings I made in my bedroom. 

I'll be on tour playing solo shows for most of May and June! You can check tour dates at www.iloveyouthisisarobbery.com!

DIY PUNK & WILSON CENTER: 30 YEARS OF COMMUNITY, ARTS, & PROTEST (1pm-10pm, Saturday, April 30, 2011)


Often history is made  in the unexpected places; the humble hole in the wall that provides space at the right moment for creation to flourish.  The basement of the former Central Presbyterian Church at 15th & Irving Streets NW -- long known as the Wilson Center -- is one such location.  Among other things, it provided a haven for members of the now globally-influential DC punk underground to hold shows and build community, and inaugurated a broader tradition of DIY shows held in community hall spaces.
This era began on April 4, 1981 with a 13 band bill organized by HR of Bad Brains, and also featuring Minor Threat, Scream, Void, SOA, among many more.  The Wilson Center served in this way for more than 20 years, and was a venue for many successive generations of kids to develop their talents and discover their voice and vision.
In honor of this legacy -- and to continue it -- punk activist group Positive Force DC (now based at nearby St. Stephen's Church) has organized a 30th Anniversary celebration,  April 30, 2011 at the former Wilson Center, now operating as the Capital City Public Charter School.
PF aims to both celebrate DC's DIY punk history and build on it through an exhibition of photographs, posters, and videos of past Wilson Center shows, as well as speakers, and, of course, music, all of which would help to raise funds, gather food donations, and recruit volunteers to assist the Capital City Public Charter School and neighborhood non-profits We Are Family and Hermano Pedro, serving seniors and the homeless, respectively.
The evening benefit show beginning at 7pm will include Max Levine Ensemble, Birds & Wires, War On Women, and Regents (all-ages, sliding scale admission $5-10, with food donations encouraged); at 5pm, Ian MacKaye will speak and answer questions on "Playing Underground: The Importance of Community Hall Spaces."  (A full schedule of the day's events will be available shortly.)
This event is not meant to be about nostalgia, but about celebrating and continuing a crucial local tradition of creativity, community-building, and empowerment. Please join us!
More info, Mark A wearefamilydc@aol.com 202-277-2715 www.positiveforcedc.org