max levine ensemble tour cancelled. :( spoonboy tour happening instead.

it pains us to say so, but the max levine ensemble has been scrooged.  in spite of having done everything we could do to plan around our bass player bepstein's boss's specifications, and in spite of bepstein's boss having previously approved his vacation time to go on tour, and in spite of more than reasonable arguments and offers having been made, bepstein's boss has decided to deny bepstein his earned vacation time and won't let him off work.

it's basically like this, except bepstein didn't get fired:

we want you to know that we didn't make this decision lightly and we really appreciate everyone who booked the shows expecting tmle, and we wish we could be playing the shows.  in our place i am still planning on doing the tour solo and playing a mix of spoonboy songs and max levine ensemble songs upon request. max levine ensemble will still be playing in philadelphia and dc!

really really sorry about this.  hope you still enjoy the spoonboy tour. here's a movie clip:

tour montage video!

heya, here’s a montage of tour footage from our tour last winter complete with all the sights… beach fires! van breakdowns! the golden gate bridge! bepstein falling off a skateboard! the alamo! david mcgrath falling off a skateboard! and more…

check out our current tour plans here.


24 - GREENSBORO, NC @ the Buttery Day Ranch
25 - TAMPA, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
27 - GAINESVILLE, FL @ THE FEST (Boca Fiesta)
28 - NEW ORLEANS, LA @ the Big Top
29 - HOUSTON, TX @ the East Side Social Center
30 - AUSTIN, TX @ Red 7
31 - DENTON, TX @ Dave's House

@ the Sandbox
2 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ the Shack
3 - MILWAUKEE, WI @ Bremen Cafe (EARLY SHOW)
3 - CHICAGO, IL @ Township
4 - BLOOMINGTON, IN @ the Owlery
5 - COLUMBUS, OH @ Carabar
6 - DETROIT, MI @ Trumbullplex
7 - PITTSBURGH, PA @ Roboto Project
8 - BUFFALO, NY @ 180 Winspear Ave
9 - WILLIMANTIC, CT @ the Handsome Woman
10 - BOSTON, MA @ Trouble Ahead
11 - CHESTER, NY @ Elephant Graveyard (EARLY SHOW) CANCELLED!!
11 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Death by Audio
12 - NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ @ Paradise Lost
17 - WASHINGTON, DC @ The Rocket Ship
30 - ASHEVILLE, NC @ Preston House CO-OP (Warren Wilson)

@ Go Bar
2 - COLUMBIA, SC @ One Unit Art Space
3 - ST AUGUSTINE, FL @ Nobby’s
4 - ORLANDO, FL @ Will’s Pub
5 - SARASOTA, FL @ the New College
6 - TALLAHASSEE, FL @ the Hidden Hand
7 - BIRMINGHAM, AL @ the Forge
8 - LOUISVILLE, KY @ Solidarity
9 - HUNTINGTON, WV @ the Elimination Chamber
10 - RICHMOND, VA @ Strange Matter

in the future, we will be animated.


...will be available on DVD soon!! keep yer ears to the ground!!

hey we made a music video for delay!


everyone's favorite diy pop punk band with identical twins. watch carefully.

Interview with Larry Livermore


As the release of The Thing that Ate Larry Livermore (and thus our imminent disctruction) looms ever closer we continue our series of Livermore conducted interviews with bands featured on the compilation. This week LL Coolmore sits down with The Max Levine Ensemble to discuss pop-punk, politics and why Boy George hates them.  Click Read More for the interview...

spoonboy on tour!!

hey, i forgot to mention that i'm currently on tour with my solo project spoonboy and good luck (who are playing as my backing band!), and i'm doing another solo tour this summer with the incredible british acoustic pop band onsind, and you can check out all those tour dates right here!  YEAH!  CHECK IT OUT.

it turns out, we made a song for a compilation!

our new song "anthem for a new morning after" for the upcoming comilation, THE THING THAT ATE LARRY LIVERMORE, is currently streaming on  check it out IF YOU WANT TO...

spoonboy/ erica freas (of rvivr) collab music video!!

hey! check out this video for a song me and erica freas (of rvivr) wrote on tour in february!