...will be available on DVD soon!! keep yer ears to the ground!!

hey we made a music video for delay!


everyone's favorite diy pop punk band with identical twins. watch carefully.

Interview with Larry Livermore


As the release of The Thing that Ate Larry Livermore (and thus our imminent disctruction) looms ever closer we continue our series of Livermore conducted interviews with bands featured on the compilation. This week LL Coolmore sits down with The Max Levine Ensemble to discuss pop-punk, politics and why Boy George hates them.  Click Read More for the interview...

spoonboy on tour!!

hey, i forgot to mention that i'm currently on tour with my solo project spoonboy and good luck (who are playing as my backing band!), and i'm doing another solo tour this summer with the incredible british acoustic pop band onsind, and you can check out all those tour dates right here!  YEAH!  CHECK IT OUT.

it turns out, we made a song for a compilation!

our new song "anthem for a new morning after" for the upcoming comilation, THE THING THAT ATE LARRY LIVERMORE, is currently streaming on  check it out IF YOU WANT TO...

spoonboy/ erica freas (of rvivr) collab music video!!

hey! check out this video for a song me and erica freas (of rvivr) wrote on tour in february!

new interview with razorcake!

“These are on their way out and we need a flag. What better way to eulogize my most trusted and favorite pair of underpants than to hoist it atop a mountain?”

Check it out here.

two shows with delay and a music video shoot!!

hey! coming up we're gonna be playing two shows with delay AND shooting a music video for them at both shows, so come for the music stay to GET FAMOUS!!


12 - WASHINGTON, DC - 7pm @ Asefu's (1920 9th St. NW) w/ Delay, Tin Armor, Mary Christ

13 - BALTIMORE, MD @ Curious Palace (126 S. Arlington) w/ Delay, Tin Armor, Big Mouth, Alex and his Imaginary Friends

spoonboy & erica freas tour of the northwest begins next week!!

chickity check it out here:

Interview with Red Rover

woah.  i gave a disoriented interview after our show in tampa, fl the other day.  check it out here, or click read more below...